Level Rookie
Type Exalted Synthetic
Attribute Unknown
Family Unknown
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Fanglongmon's Date + Salamon's and Angemon's Date with corruptive codes of Millenniummon


Next forms RagnaGatomon

The pictures are edits by me and the background story was created by me and my friends, more coming soon! your DarkGatomon.

The name RagnaSalamon comes from the well know Digimon Salamon and a shortcut of ragnarok, which means the end of everything, or the end of the gods.


RagnaSalamon is a synthetic Vampire Mammal digimon, unlike as the others he don't use sharp blades but his attacks and tooth don't leave others much chances. Also his golden wings are sharp. On his back is a strange cross sing, the so called Elemental Cross. Its a sign of power over the elements but also light and darkness.

Unlike his champion form he only got 2 golden wings.


  • Paw of Fear : Smacks his opponent rapidly.
  • Blade Wings : Flies high up into sky and rushes strait down at his opponent, to slice him with his sharp wings.
  • Vampire Bite (Sacrifice Bite): Bites his opponent, stealing Date, Blood, Energy and anything he can use for his own.