Level Mega
Type God Man
Attribute Free
Family Virus Busters

Nightmare Soldiers

Prior forms Apollomon +


Rahumon is an extremely powerful Digimon. It harvests power from the small sun (in reference to Apollomon) and moon on its shoulders to unleash devastating flames and absolute zero winds. It's left hand is equipped with the Core Handcannon, which can fire multiple shots of pure energy in seconds. On its right hand it is equipped with the Lady-Light Blade (in reference to Dianamon) which is a large neon sword that can grow in size. Its name comes from Buddhist mythological creature Rahu. During an eclipsed night Rahumon will accumulate so much energy that it will surge it into the ground causing most Digimon in 100 mile radius to spontaneously digivolve.

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  • 1000 Sun Scorch: Uses the Core Handcannon to rapidly fire nine-hundred-ninety-nine shots of burning energy, the thousandths shot unleashing a large beam.
  • Blade of Selene: Unleashes the Lady-Light Blade upon its enemy. While active the sword will increase in size upon every successful hit.
  • Eclipse of Providence: Having the two weapons aligned, it using the Core Hancannon to shoot a beam passing through the Lady-Light Blade creating in immense surge of energy obliterating everything in its path.