Level Child
Type Foretold Magician
Attribute Variable
Family Unknown
Prior forms Atanimon
Next forms Randmon Reluctant Dragon Mode, Aes Sedaimon.

Rand is short for Rand al'Thor, from the Wheel of Time legendarium.


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General Information

The first of the Atanimon youth sought out by Maiamon ten years ago, Randmon is the male-half of the living embodiment of the evocation of the mysterious One Power, which was foretold shortly after the end of the War of the Symyl's Three and the banishment of Elkormon to the Dark Area as the power to break the world and set loose Darkness and Light. His digicode was rewritten upon contact with the third Symyl, which forcefully manifested his miraculous potential and refined it into a being capable of the prophecies of the Maiamon, Randmon.

In this form he is exceedingly stubborn and begrudging and unable to draw even a fraction of one percent of his capabilities out, however. He refuses to believe himself capable of such great acts as foretold of in the prophecies and goes to many lengths to avoid the inescapable gaze of the mysterious Maiamon, refusing to be lumped in with the chaos shrouding the other Atanimon.

Only a confrontation with the Dark Atanimon seeking to murder him and the other would-be saviors of the world picked out by the Maiamon is likely to sway his opinion.


Despite the heavy burden aimed toward his shoulders, Randmon is a simple Child content to spend his days tending to the farm of his adopted father, Kotemon.

Only if something goes catastrophically wrong should he ever evolve into an Aes Sedaimon.


  • Fällung Entscheidung(Precipitation Decision): After acknowledging his own responsibilities to the world, Randmon unlocks the bindings in his own digicode holding him down and begins to stir forth the capabilities for defending himself from harm.
  • Wahrnehmung Herbeirufen(Perception Summon): Focuses inward and denies outward changes upon his immediate environment. All non-digizoid metals are deflected aside harmlessly, while elemental attacks are lessened by half.
  • Bestehen Eifer(Existence Zeal): When his emotions peak self-evolution is evoked, releasing further restrictions upon his own digicode in the process.