digimon D-Destiny

chapter 10 The power of pride

three hours earlyer before Ellen's and Impmon's brake out

thanks for coming with us Rich and Amy said Matt

it OK Matt i do feal bad for leaving my village thought said Rich

don't worrie said Agumon digimon villages can have over fifty king in a year

thanks Agumon said Rich

Amy do you know were Jijimon's house is said Dorumon

yes and no said Amy

what do you mean said Veemon

Jijimon is in one of Halsemon prision cell's said Dracomon

i told you not to tell them said Amy

fine said Matt it off to Halsemon hideout to get back Jijimon

then a french actsented voice appered from behind them

that's Gargoylemon said Dorumon

Gargoylemon armor level virus attribute special attack wright or wrong

what do we have here said Gargoylemon lord Halsemon sent me to get rid of you

let's go said Matt

no said Ray and Veemon it's our time to shine

Ray closed his eyes and focused


Veemon digivole to ExVeemon

ExVeemon champion level vaccine attribute special attack X-lazer

it's on said ExVeemon

what a go said Matt and Co you did it Ray and ExVeemon

let's dance Gargoylemon

X-lazer said ExVeemon

and a lazer shot out ExVeemons cheast

that won't stop me said Gargoylemon

wright and wrong said Gargoylemon

and he crossed his arms and wright beam was fired out then both attacks collied but then ExVeemon's attack broke thought and hit Gargoylemon

you will pay for this said Gargoylemon

and then he flought off.

three hours later in Halsemon hideout

so little Ellen said Halsemon i'l make you a deal if you help me i will spear you life and send you home like this never happen

don't do it said Impmon

sorry Impmon i have do said Ellen Halsemon i askeped you offer

exalent said Halsemon your first task is to capture your brother and friends

let's go Impmon said Ellen

fine said Impmon

and Ellen and Impmon started to walk off

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