digimon D-Destiny

chapter 11 Back stabbers

so Amy said Dorumon who do you that Jijimon has been captured

becasue i was there said Amy

what do you mean said Matt

i was talking to him then Halsemon army can and he told me to get out as fast as possible said Amy

poor Jijimon said Rich

ye said Gomamon poor Jijimon so i take i we are going to save him

we will said Matt no matter what we will save him

i'm afrade you won't manage to do that said a voice

Ellen said Matt what do you mean

i work for Halsemon now said Ellen Impmon let's get them


Impmon digivole to DarkLizardmon

what the said Veemon

i'l handel this said Amy

no said Ellen only Matt if you win i'l let you go but if i win you become Halsemon prisoners

deal said Matt

what said Will

We have no choise said Matt


Dorumon digivloe to Dorugamon

let's go said Dorugamon

let's dance said DarkLizardmon

blized claw said DarkLizardmon

and DarkLizardmon claw burst into flame and swung it at Dorugamon

ga-flip said Dorugamon

as he douged the attack by useing a flip the kick DarkLiardmon

fight even harder said Ellen

OK said DarkLiardmon bunsern-burners

and DarkLizard shot lot's of small black fire-balls at Dorugamon

you can do it said Amy

ye fight like a dramon digimon said Dracomon

fine said Dorugamon wolf-cutter

and Dorugamon spreed out his wing a charged at DarkLizardmon doudging DarkLizardmon attack and then slashed DarkLizardmon with his wings

now DarkLizardmon said Ellen finsh them off

negative flame said DarkLizardmon

a it hit Dorugamon in the cheest

no Dorugamon said Matt

then Dorugamon went back to Dorumon

sorry Matt said Dorumon i tried

come on you guys we had a deal said Matt

you tried you best said Rich besides we can't we ever fight

Rich is right said Dracomon in a fight there are loser's and winers if you lossed althought you tried in a way your a winer

what are you on about Dracomon said Amy

come on you lot you lossed you you are no prisoners of Halsemon now said Ellen

at Halsemon hideout

well done Ellen said Halsemon you have lossed

then al of a sudden

blized claw said DarkLizardmon as he whacked Halsemon over the head

you did't think i would do this to my brother and friends said Halsemon

then you will pay for that said Halsemon

help me said Ellen

let's go said Dracomon

ye said Veemon let's fight

this fight we will win said Agumon

al we got to do is beleve in our selves said Gomamon

we will never give up said Matt

very well let's fight then said Halsemon prepear to loss

you will be the won lossing said Dorumon

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