digimon D-Destiny

chapter 12 Vs Halsemon

DESTINY CHARGE said Matt,Will,Rich,Ray and Amy

Dorumon digivole to Dorugamon

Agumon digivole to GeoGreymon

Gomamon digivole to Coelamon

Veemon digivole to ExVeemon

Dracomon digivole to Coredramon (blue)

Amy why did't you make Dracomon digivole to Wingdramon said Matt

i can't hog all the fun can i said Amy

good point said Rich

let's go said Dorugamon,GeoGreymon,Coelamon,ExVeemon,Coredramon and DarkLizardmon

then they all unleased there special attcks but then

avenging storm said Halsemon

and a giant storm was let loos and sent there attack back at them

look out said Ellen

then they all douged the attack and hit a wall an exploeded

we can't give up said GeoGreymon

ye said Coelamon let's fight

now your talking like me said Coredramon

wait said Matt i have an idear

Matt and the digimon huddeled in a crical

OK said Dorugamon let's go

Dorugamon charged at Halsemon and Halsemon said hawk-blades and charged at Dorugamon and sent Dorugamon flying

my turn said DarkLizardmon blized claw as he hit Halsemon in to the wall

now me said GeoGreymon Helm-Flame

and GeoGreymon sent a giant fire ball into the sky an then caught in onto his head and then charged at Halsemon and Halsemon was blasted thought the wall

i'l get you said Halsemon

no you won't said ExVeemon Expunch

and ExVeemon punched Halsemon at unblevaible power

now me said Coelamon ancient tsunami

and Halsemon was yet again hurled into a wall

and for the grand finaly said Coredramon lightning core

and Coredramon let loos a ball of lightning at Halsemon

noooooooooooooooo said Halsemon

and Halsemon was almost burted alive by the comied attack of Coelamon and Coredramon

yes said Matt where wining

not mutch more then we win said Amy

your right said Rich

then every one heard a clapping

well done said a voice

who is that said Amy

what's that Amy don't you remeber me Duke said Duke

now Grizzlymon said Duke finsihed Halsemon

Grizzlymon chapion level vaccine attribute special attack bear stomp

bear stomp said Grizzlymon as he stomped Halsemon head into the ground

and Halsemon was turned back into a digiegg

now Matt let's fight said Duke

what do you mean said Matt

you know what i mean said Duke now Grizzlymon attack Dorugamon

yes sir said Grizzlymon

guy said Matt let mean and Dorugamon handal this

OK said Amy i trust you

and Amy kissed Matt on the check

Amy said Matt

now don't say any thing said Amy just fight and win

Ok said Matt

go for it said Rich

ye go on said Coelamon

show them what your made of said Rich

let's go Dorugamon said Matt

OK Matt said Dorugamon

let's dance then said Duke

i'm going to enjoy this said Grizzlymon

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