digimon D-Destiny

chapter 13 DESTINY HYPER CHARGE DoruGreymon

OK Duke said Matt let's go

Grizzlymon go said Duke

go Dorugamon said Matt

wolf-cutter said Dorugamon

bear stomp said Grizzlymon

then Grizzlymon attack stop Dorugamon's and whacked him to the ground

Grizzlymon said Duke how about a power up

yes sir said Grizzlymon

then Duke pointed his digivice at Halsemon egg and it turned into data and went into his digivice and then preashed a button a pointed it at Grizzlymon and the the data was abosbed in to Grizzlymon

thnk you sir said Grizzlymon i can fell more power now

good said Duke now finshe them

bear stomp said Grizzlymon

look out Dorugamon said Matt

but it was to late Dorugamon was sent flying

you will never win said Duke there is a war going on and your destiny symblos won't help you

destiny what said Matt

destiny symblos said Amy it's what giving you the power to make you digimon digivloe and your digiivce and some of that power

OK said Matt

Dorugablast said Dorugamon

bear stomp said Grizzlymon

but it was no use Grizzlymon sent Dorugamon's attack back at him and Dorugamon went back to Dorumon

sorry said Dorumon i tried

it's no use said Matt we need more power destiny symbol lend me some of you power

then Matt heard a voice in his head OK

then a yello symblo appered above Matt and Dorumon and blasted down a yello light

Matt said Dorumon i feal more powerful

so do i said Matt

Matt said Amy it's the destiny hyper charge use it

OK said Matt ready Dorumon

yes Matt said Dorumon


Dorumon warp digivole to DoruGreymon

DoruGreymon ultimate level data attribute special attack Grey-inferno

what is that said Duke

i'm DoruGreymon said DoruGreymon and don't forget it

GREY-INFERNO said DoruGreymon

and DoruGreymon sent a giant ball of fire in the shape of a Greymon at Grizzlymon

Move said Duke

but it was to late it hit Grizzlymon

sir i'm sorry said Grizzlymon he's to powerful

retreat said Duke

yes sir siad Grizzlymon

and they both retreated

you won said Agumon

wait to go said Veemon

then Amy ran up and huged Matt

you did it Matt said Amy

i know said Matt

wait a go bro said Ellen

don't bask in your glory said a voice

i am MaloMyotismon one of the three generals in the The Millennium Empirea said MaloMyotismon now we fight

are you ready said Matt

yes said DoruGreymon

same here said Amy and Dracomon

we just won one fight so let's win another said Ray

we can do it said Will

very well said MaloMyotismon let's fight

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