digimon D-Destiny

chapter 14 MaloMyotismon generals of the dark

OK MaloMyotismon your going down said Matt

oh where not fighting yet said MaloMyotismon when your are woth fighting

what do you mean said Veemon

they don't generals of the dark for nothing said MaloMyotismon

but becasue you defeted my strongest comander you can have Jijimon said MaloMyotismon

Jijimon said Amy

at least he's safe said Rich

then MaloMyotismon disapreard

Jijimon said Matt can you tell us about the digivices

no i can't i don't remember them said Jijimon but i do know how top get you to the next region

then how do we do that said Will

you can use the cyber-space said Jijimon

cyber-space said Agumon

yes you can use it to trave to the next region can i suergest the sky region said Jijimon

OK said Amy the sky region would be fun

how said Matt

trust me i have been there befor said Amy

fine said Matt we are off to the sky region Jijimon open the cyber-space

OK said Jijimon

and Jijimon smacked his stick on the ground and a giant portal opened

go in said Jijimon

let's go said Matt

and they all jumped into cyber-space

look said Dorumon Matt i can see the exit

me to said Dracomon

then they all landed in the sky region

what happened here said Amy all this chaos the sky region is ment to be pacefull

weclcome to the sky region said a voice

who are you said Rich

they call me Alice leader of the dark-tamers

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