digimon D-Destiny

chapter 15 An comander so close

What do you want Alice said Dracomon

nothing said Alice just to tell Matt something

what is it said Matt

well said Alice i would never help you but Duke has stollen something that keeps this place in pace

what is it said Matt

you will have to find out your self said Alice

then Alice walked off

Amy said Will what keep this place in pace

that power of AncientSphinxmon said Amy

the power of how said Veemon

that does't mater said Dracomon look up there

who's that said Dorumon

that's Varodurumon said Amy this regions comander

Varodurumon mega level vaccine attribute special attack omega wing blade

i know his week spot said Amy but it's to head to get to him

where is it said Agumon

above his beak and between his eyes said Amy

right said Gomamon that is a hard place to get

be qiet said Dracomon Varodurumon has good hereing

what was that said Varodurumon

Run said Amy

let's go said Ellen

omega wing blade said Varodurumon

and a giant golden bird made out of fire was lunched at them

to them left said Matt thers a cave

Wait up said Gomamon i have't go prober leg

I'l get him said Ray

hurry said Veemon i cna't take it any more i'l go and get him

no said Amy

and the omega wing blade had hit the ground causing the part of rock that Ray,Veemon and Gomamon was about to fall down

Gomamon said Rich

Ray said Will

Veemon said Agumon

but then the gorund colabsed

now your mine said Varodurumon

as he dived down after Ray,Veemon and Gomamon

we have to get them said Dorumon

no we can't said Amy they have to climb up climbing down is impossible

fine said Matt we'l wait for them

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