digimon D-Destiny

chapter 16 Dramon's pride

Wake up Ray said Gomamon and Veemon

where are we said Ray

it's dos't mater said Veemon Varodurumon is coming

come out little digimon and humans said Varodurumon

come on said Veemon he's almost here

Ok let's go said Ray on the count of three one,two,three go go

there you are said Varodurumon omega wing blade

not that again said Ray ready Veemon

ye said Veemon


Veemon digivole to ExVeemon

X-lazer said ExVeemon

then both attck cloided but Varodurumon attack still broke thought

run said ExVeemon my attack was not strong enought

wait said Gomamon you can fly

ye said Ray Ex Veemon fly us out of here

fine said ExVeemon hop on

so ExVeemon picked up Ray and Gomamon

faster said Gomamon

like you can fly better then me said ExVeemon

well not yet said Gomamon

shut up you two said Ray

is that all you can do said Varodurumon

great he's catching up said ExVeemon i think it's time to loss some wait

do you think about said Gomamon

omega wing blade said Varodurumon

ExVeemon fly faster said Gomamon he's catching up

i'm trying said ExVeemon

look out said Ray

what said ExVeemon

but it was to late it had hit ExVeemon

no ExVeemon said Ray and Gomamon

you will pay for that said Ray we will show you true power

what are you going to do said Varodurumon

this said Ray


now ExVeemon digivole

ExVeemon digivole to Paildramon

Paildramon ultimate level vaccine attribute special attack omega dramon's blasters

now Paildramon attack said Ray distory the walls to stop him geting thought

OK ray said Paildramon omega dramon's blasters

and Paildramon shoot out two red lazers beams shaper like ExVeemon's shoot out his blasters and hit the wall causing to to clapes

now run said Paildramon while we have a chanes

OK said Ray

and they started to run away from Varodurumon

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