digimon D-Destiny

chapter 17 secrets of the digi-spears

as Ray,Paildramon and Gomamon keep runing Ray's digivice started to flash

Ray your digiive said Gomamon it's beeping

Ray picked up his digiivce

i got a message said Ray

what does't it say said Paildramon

it's from Matt said Ray it says we are waiting for you to climb back up theres a cave that will lead you back up here

we should go said Paildramon i think Varodurumon is coming

OK said Ray Gomamon i will carry you because you are to slow

Ok said Gomamon but don't be rude

i'm coming for you said Varodurumon

we should start runing said Paildramon

and they started to run

look said Gomamon a cave

Ok said Matt let's go in it

that cave would't be safe for you long said Varodurumon

it's dark in here said Ray

just keep going said Paildramon it's bright enought

but as they keeped runing Ray tripped over a box

what was that said Ray

i don't care said Gomamon you landed on my

pick it up said Paildramon it might come in useful

Ok said Ray but as he picked it up

omega wing blade said Varodurumon

thenthe celling colabesed

i have got you now said Varodurumon

open the box said Paildramon

Ok said Ray

as he opened the box he saw six round balls

what's that going to do said Ray

Digi-spears said Varodurumon don't you dear use them

now said Paildramon use them

Ok said Ray and he picked up a blue one, how about

what does it say said Gomamon

MetalGarurumon said Ray

use it said Paildramon

no you won't said Varodurumon omega wing blade

Digi-spera activate said Ray

and his Digi-spear glowed blue and a MetalGarurumon shaped blue light was sent towords Paildramon and the light hit Pialdramon and his claws and blasters where upgraded plus a modified head

go said Ray

Paildramon Blitz Mode activate said Paildramon BM

Paildramon BM mega level vaccine attribute special attack Metal Dramon Blitz

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