digimon D-Destiny

chapter 18 Vs Varodurumon

now said Paildramon BM let's finsh this

fine said Varodurumon

go bet them said Gomamon

make him feel sorry said Ray

omega wing blade said Varodurumon

Metal Dramon Blitz said Paildramon BM

and Paildramon BM shoot out two giant lazer out of his blasters and colided with the omega wing blade and sent it back at Varodurumon

but how said Varodurumon

then the attack hit him and turned him into a digi-egg

you did it said Ray and Gomamon

then Paildramon BM turned back into Veemon and the digi-spear

let's climb back up said Ray

but befor they started to climb back up Varodurumon digi-egg turned into a digi-spear and landed in Ray's hands

cool said Ray that's anoover

and they contiued there climb

later that day

how longer do you think Ray going to be said Will

not longer said Ray

Ray,veemon and Gomamon said Amy

welcome back every one said to Ray,Veemon and Gomamon

we can go to the next region now said Ray Varodurumon has been defeated

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