digimon D-Destiny

chapter 19 the city region the bigest home army

that's great Ray said Amy but how

with the digi-spears said veemon

what are digi-spears said the other

i don't know said Ray but i do know that they power up our digimon

so said Gomamon how do we get to the next region

like this said Matt

and Matt held out his digivice and said cyber-space open

and then the gang got sucked into the cyber-space

where are we said Impmon

in a soewer said Dracomon

not this place said Amy

what's rong said Ellen

we are in the city region said Amy and the hole place in in-habbited by this region commander's army

that's great said Will now how are we going to get around this place

but said Dracomon because that army in made up of mostly cyborg digimon this place belongs to the rebales

that's good then said Agumon

now how do we find these rebales said Rich

i don't know said Amy there change there base every day

well well said a voice it's the digital worlds so called hero's

how is that said Gomamon

please call me Lucas one of the dark tamers

what do you want said Matt

to have a bit of fun in any second my partner Butemon will have come with some of army of this region said Lucas

what said Matt and the overs

then all of a sudden the ceiling exploed

sir said Butemon the army is right behind me

Butemon ultiment level vaccine attribute special attack rising of the morning sun

then all of a sudden the ceiling expoled agian

where are the tamers said Megadramon

Megadramon ultiment level virus attribute specail attack blasters of mega

there are there said MetalTyrannomon

MetalTyrannomon ultiment level virus attribute special attack metal tyro fire

why did you do it said Amy i trusted you Lucas

this is not the human world know times have changed said Lucas Butemon attack

no said Agumon and his jumped towords Butemon's sword slash

Agumon said every one

why said Amy and Will

to procted Amy said Agumon that's what friends to

then Agumon turned into a digiegg

you will pay for that said Will


it won't work said Amy

it will said Will

and Agumon digiegg turned into a digimon

who's that said Megadramon

call me RizeGreymon said RizeGreymon

RizeGreymon ultiment level vaccine attribute special attack Rizeing blaster

it worked said Amy but how

by the power of mine and Will's friendship

now Lucas and Butemon those two digimon of the amry sent to get us won't work said RizeGreymon Rizeing blaster

and RizeGreymon shot multiple missieal out of his revoler at Megadramon and MetalTyrannomon then they both turned them into digieggs

get them said Will and the overs

got it said RizeGreymon

that power said Lucas Butemon finish RizeGreymon

some were in the soewer

sir said a voice did you see that

yes said anover voice they might be usefull to us

back at the fight

Ok Lucas your going down said Will

wait said Ray take this digi-speare to help you

OK said Will

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