Digimon D-Destiny

Chapter 2 -Dorugamon Awakes

As Matt, Ray, Dorumon and Veemon ran through the jungle the scream grew louder and so was the monsterus roar, but when they came to the opening, Will and Agumon were at the edge of a cliff with an unknown digimon.

"That's Sethmon," said Agumon. "It's a Champion level, Vaccine Attribute."

"And his speical attack is 'TUSKS OF CHAOS'," said Veemon.

"HELP ME!" exclaimed Will.

"Hold on," said Matt and Ray at the same time.

Matt picked up a stick and ran towards Sethmon. Matt was about to smack Sethmon until...

"TUSKS OF CHAOS" said Sethmon.

His tusks blasted out a dark red beam, hitting Matt in the chest, sending him flying.

"No, Matt!" Dorumon shouted out. "You'll pay for that, METAL CANNON!"

A giant metal ball shot out of Dorumon's mouth and slammed into Sethmon.

"Should we help them, Veemon?" asked Ray.

"No Ray. Something tells me this is their battle to fight," said Veemon.

"Come on," Agumon said to Will. "Lets sneek past and go to Ray."

"OK," Will said.

Then all of a sudden...

"TUSKS OF CHAOS," said Sethmon.

The blast hit Dorumon over the cliff's edge.

"No Dorumon!" said Matt. "You'll pay for that."

Matt then heard a voice in his head.

"Matt, I'm here to help you," said the voice.

The voice then told Matt something.

"OK, lets do this, Matt," Matt said to himself.

Matt ran to the edge of the cliff and held his digivice out. A bright yellow symbol appered in the sky above Matt.

"DESTINY CHARGE GO," shouted Matt!

As he pointed, his slammed his hand on top of his digivice and pointed it down and a bright light shot out of Matt's digivice heading down to Dorumon's body. Dorumon then opened his eyes


Dorugamon then flew up and right in landed behide Sethmon.

Dorugamon, Champion level, Data Attribute. Speical attack: Doruga Blast.

"Remember me, Sethmon," said Dorugamon.

"But how did you diigvolve?" asked Sethmon.

"That's right and it's thanks to Matt, now let me show you what a true champion level digimon can do. DORUGA BLAST"

A giant fire ball of bright light shot towards Sethmon and hit him in the cheest. Sethmon then turned into a Digi-egg.

"That was cool, Dorgamon, but now, how do we turn you back into Dorumon?" asked Matt.

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