Digimon: D-Destiny

Chapter 20: A Rize-ing War

"Digi-spear activate," said Will.

"Not so fast!" said Butemon as he smacked his sword against the water.

"Look out!" said Ray.

..and Will droped his digi-spear!

"No!" said Will.

"It's hopeless for you," said Lucas.

"It's never hopeless," said a voice, "Lobo Burst!"

...and a bright light of energy was whacked at Butemon.

"What was that?" said Butemon.

"I'm Lobomon," said Lobomon.

"You," said Lucas.

"Of couse, it was you who told this region army where my base was," said Lobomon,

"Now come on over, humans: we must leave."

"Then how are you going to distract them?" said Dorumon.

"I'l explain that," said a voice, "Battle bolt!"

and a bright yellow lightning bolt was blasted above Lucas.

"Good work, Beetlemon," said Lobomon.

"Let's go!" said Beetlemon.

"OK!" said Matt and co..

A couple of minutes later...

"Wecome, humans, to our new perament base," said Lobomon.

"Why are you living here?" said Matt.

"Becasue," said Lobomon, "Above us was our home, but then The Millennium Empirea took over our city; and then we came underground."

"Ok," said Matt, "So, have you tried to get you city back?"

"Yes we have," said Beetlemon, "But tomorrow we are trying agian and you are going to help us."

"What!?" said Will.

"We will help you," said Matt.

"Great!" said Lobomon, "The Rize-ing War will end!"

"The Rize-ing War?" said Matt.

"Yes, that's what we call it; because every day the fights get bigger and so on."

"Ok," said Matt, "Let's get ready for a fight, and win back this city!"

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