digimon D-Destiny

chapter 21 enter the darkness of Gigadramon

ok said Lobomon this regions ruler is HiAndromon

he's know as the lighting villian said Beetlemon his hi lightning blades can distory building

what said impmon

then how to we beat him said Matt and Ray

we found out the more we plan the quicker we lose said Lobomon so this plane is head staight in no plan

let's go said Gomamon being reckless it what rich does best like the time he was king he burned down a house when

rich grabed Gomamon and said shut up now

right said Lobomon we meet where we first met you in ten minutes

Ok said Matt and co

ten minutes later

no said Lobomon do'nt to this

to late said a voice then battle blizs

and a giant bombardment of lightning hit Lobomon and he turned back into a digi-egg

as Matt and the others came walking down the path beetlemon came rushing towards them

Matt said bettlemon Lobomon is

is what said Matt

dead said beetlemon with our leader gone we can't win

we can said Ellen when me and impmon where captured by Halsemon escaped was impossible but we still did it

she's right said impmon

then suddenly the roof fell down

well done beetlemon said a voice or should i say Bolgmon

what said Dorumon who's this

this is HiAndromon said Beetlemon

Bolgmon said HiAndromon go back to your normal form a use our secret weapon

yes sir said Beetlemon

beetlemon beast spirit evolution to Bolgmon

now Bolgmon said HiAndromon

yes sir weapon of darkness go said Bolgmon

and a giant tank fell from the roof a dark energy came out and was forming around Ellen and Impmon

what's happening said impmon

Bolgmon stop this said HiAndromon

yes sir said Bolgmon

your digivice said Will Ellen you digivice

and when Ellen looked at it, it said DESTINY HYPER CHARGE

use it said Matt

Ok said Ellen


Impmon worp digivolve to Gigadramon

Gigadramon Ultimate level Virus Attribute special attack darkness blitzs

wo said Ellen go Gigadramon

but something was wrong Gigadramon was looking at Ellen then suddenly Gigadramon when flying towords Bolgmon and said Darkness blitzs and a herd of missiles where sent towords Bolgmon and hit him

your pay for that said Bolgmon

no you won't said Ellen do it again

darkness blitzs said Gigadramon

sir can i said Bolgmon

yes said HiAndromon we must get out

and they both went off

but that did'nt stop Gigadramon and he went after them

no said Ellen

we where so close to getting HiAndromon said Ray

that don't matter now said Matt we must get Gigadramon

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