digimon D-Destiny

chapter 22 Gigadramon and the giant city

after the digivolution of Gigadramon matt and the other had no choice but to go after him

matt said Ellen i've got a feeling you will need to battle Gigadramon for him to get out of his rage

i know said matt me and Dorumon will handle it

what said ray what about me and Veemon we got digispears

then all of a sudden matt's digivice started flashing

matt said a voice

it's Jijimon said Ellen

yes that's right said Jijimon matt you need to go alone

why said matt

because your destiny symbol is testing you said Jijinmon and if you fail you will most likey go back to the human world and some one ease will take your place

Ok said matt guy i'll see you later

come back alive said amy or we are'nt going to be happy

fine said Matt


dorumon digivole to Dorugreymon

let's go said Dorugreymon

and matt jumped on his back and they went off into the skies

mean while in the jungle region

are you sure he's the one said a voice

yes said Jijimon he's the one and you must go to the city region and proctect him Gigadramon has so much dark energy in him he could kill matt

fine said the voice as it was walking off

back in the city region

ok said Dorugreymon where is Gigadramon

i don't know said matt but he's close

you are close said a voice in matt's head

who's this said matt

who you talking to matt said Dorugreymon

no one it's the voice in my head said matt so just leave it

are you looking for some one said a voice

i know that voice said matt it's duke

your right and your friend Gigadramon's in a cage in this building

give him back said matt and Dorugreymon

no smileds grizzlymon

we want a rematch said duke right here right now

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