digimon D-Destiny

chapter 23 an old friends returns for round 2

we accept said Dorugreymon

what said matt no

to late said Grizzlymon


grizzlymon digivole to Zombie Grizzlymon

ZombieGrizzlymon Ultimate level virus attribute special attack ancient burst

no attack said Duke

yes sir said ZombieGrizzlymon

ancient burst said ZombieGrizzlymon

and a giant burst of many shock waves where shot out and head to Dorugreymon

doudge it said matt

i can't said Dorugreymon i can't see

well well said Duke what are you going to do

leave my fines alone said a voice

thats gigadramon said dorugreymon

i know said matt

leave them alone said gigadramon

what you going to do said zombiegrizzlymon

this said gigadramon darkness purge and a dark mist started to come out the cage

whats going on said duke

this said gigadramon

and the hole building turned to mist

transport said duke

why said zombiefrizzlymon

we just need to go said duke

fine said zombiegrizzlymon

and they ran into cyberspace

wheres gigadramon said dorugreymon

and the mist turned to gigadramon

now said gigadramon take me back to ellen

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