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digimon D-Destiny

chapter24 blazing army and tecno army form

mean while in HiAndromon base

well said a voice i'm surprized you lasted this long

i am the strongest commander said HiAndromon

not a chase you metal will melt under my greyeruption attack said the voice

listen here EmperorGreymon. you may be a legendary warrior of fire but i can still beat you said HiAndromon

EmperorGreymon Zeta Hybrid level, attribute Zeta Hybrid, special attack greyeruption

well well said a voice

who's the said Emperorgreymon

why it's me lucas and butemon said lucas now attack butemon

sir said butemon rising of the morning sun

and butemon dashed toward HiAndromon getting ready to slice his sword when

lightning god said HiAndromon

and he blocked butemon's attck with a sword made of lightning

HiAndromon said emperorgreymon looks like you need help and i come here now see you in a day

what said HiAndromon lucas and butemon you will pay for this

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