digimon D-Destiny

chapter25 heavy metal,HiAndromon the cyber knight

know know hiAndromon i'm here to tell you something said lucas

what is it them said hiAndromon

matt and his friends are 5 mile east of here said lucas

how do i know your not lying said hiAndromon

cause i rather watch then do it my self said lucas

fine said hiAndromon i'l go now

5 miles east of hiAndromon's base

how are we going to beat hiAndromon said will

i'm thinking said matt i'm thinking about it

we think harder said dracomon

yes think harder, said a voice

wait said matt that's

yes it's me hiAndromon now let's fight

hiAndromon mega level attribute Vaccine special attack thor's lightning

DESTINY HYPER CHARGE said matt, amy, will, ray, and elle

Dorugreymon, Wingdramon, risegreymon, paildramon and gigadramon



attack they all said

so Dorugreymon and the others attack but

thor's lightning said hiAndromon

and as hiAndromon said it a giant blue bolt shot out of his bodie and hit the others

it's no use said Dorugreymon i can't move said matt

thor's lightning said hiAndromon will always paralyse who's hit by it

that's unfair said rich

hey kid said hiAndrmon in the digital world it's evolve of die, thats why i'm still here because of that attack

no said matt we will never give up

and when matt finished saying that Dorugreymon glowed golden and got back up with his wounds healed

what said hiAndromon

matt said Dorugreymon i will make a distraction while you lot run

ok said the others

greyinferno said Dorugreymon

Dorugreymon fired a greymon head shaped fire ball at hiAndromon but hiAndromon stopped it

why you little, but before hiAndromon finished it they where all gone

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