digimon D-Destiny

chapter26 god of lightning

hiAndromon said matt you can not win, as long as we don't give up

matt right said Dorugreymon, with the new power i fill stronger than ever

fools, I'm know as the god of Lightning said hiAndromon you can not win

Dour Burst X said DourGreymon, taste me new attack hiAndromon

Dourgreymon spread out his wings and a energy force appeared around him

go, shouted matt

within a flash Dourgreymon disappeared

where he go said hiAndromon

hiAndromon left arm randomly fell off

what have you done to me said hiAndromon

whats wrong don't you like the fact my attack slashed off your arm said Dourgreymon

good work said Matt

very good but hiAndromon i'm the god of lightning not you said a voice

who are you said hiAndromon

i am Bolgmon said Bolgmon and this is my partner David

yes said David Bolgmon kill them both

lightning vortex said Bolgmon

and a blast of lightning rushed towards Matt, Dourgreymon and hiAndromon

enough Bolgmon, David you know better go fanbeemon said a voice

no, not you Alice said David

Fan-swarm said Fanbeemon and the attack was blocked by tones of small bees

you know that i'm stronger than that said Fanbeemon

Matt said Alice lets just say I've be watching you and think your cute

what said Matt

Dourgreymon started to laugh

David, Bolgmon leave now said Alice, Matt lets work together to defeat hiAndromon

ok said Matt

do you two really think you can beat me said hiAndromon

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