Digimon: D-Destiny

Chapter 3 Rinkmon and Amy Appear

After the battle with Sethmon, Matt, Ray and Will continued their journey to Jijimon to ask about the digivices.

"Matt, being in a Champion is very tiring," said Dorugamon.

"Jijimon might know how to get you back to Dorumon," said Matt.

Then Dorugamon started to degenarate back to Dorumon.

"Finally!" said Veemon, "He's back to normal!"

"Veemon, are you always this annoying?" said Ray.

"Don't worry Ray, he's just jealous," said Agumon.

Then, in a blink of an eye an unknown digimon attacked Dorumon, Veemon and Agumon!

"What was that?" said Will.

"That was Rinkmon," said Veemon,"and a champion level digimon at that and Data attribute

"And he's super fast!" said Agumon.

"You are correct, you young digimon," said Rinkmon.

Then all of a sudden someone shouted out,"Peti Draco!" and a small dragon shaped fireball hit Rinkmon in the head.

"Who did that?" said Rinkmon.

"It was me," said the unknown digimon.

And next to that digimon stood a girl.

"Amy and Dracomon," said Rinkmon,"I thought you were still trapped in that cave."

how do you think said Amy

hey Matt said Ray her digimon has done more damage to Rinkmon when Dourgamon fought Sethmon

now Dracomon it's time


and she pointed her digivice towords Dracomon

Dracomon digivole to Coredramon (Blue)

Coredramon (Blue) champion level vaccine attribute speical attack core impulse

now Rinkmon take my core impulse attack

and a bright blue ball of fire was heading to Rinkmon

"That's not going to stop me," said Rinkmon,"Lightning Blade!"

And Rinkmon charged at the core impulse at supersonic speed while on covered it an eletric coat, and both of their attacks colided!

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