digimon D-Destiny

chapter 4 Wingdramon's storm

after Coredramon's attackand Rinkmon's attack had colided a bright flash was born sending

my eyes said said Matt and co plus digimon co

Matt said Dorumon i think i should digivole

OK said Matt


Dorumon digivloe to Dorugamon

hold on Coredramon said Dorugamon

stay back growled Coredramon this is my fight

you can not stop me take this Rinkmon Dorugablast

that won't stop me said Rinkmon lightning blade

and Rinkmon's attack deflected Dorugablast back at him

Matt said Dorugamon i don't seem to have the right amount of energy to fight him i thought i had more

that's OK said Matt

Rinkmon now it's time to take you down said Amy


Coredramon (Blue) digivole to Wingdramon

Wingdramon ultimate level vaccine attribute speical attack typhoon,dramon

what is that said Ray

that's Wingdramon siad Agumon i thoght Wingdramon was just a legand

well he's not a legand any more said Amy now Wingdramon attack

OK Amy said Wingdramon typhoon,dramon

and a small storm shaped like a dragon was sent towords Rinkmon and smack Rinkmon in the head

you won't win next time said Rinkmon and he wnet off

thank you said Matt to Amy and Wingdramon but when he said it they where gone

but what Matt and co did't realise was Wingdramon attack had summond a biger storm then they had thought

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