digimon D-Destiny

chapter 5 there's no Geo just like my Geo

after the battle between Wingdramon and Rinkmon the winds started to pick up speed

Matt where are you taking us said Agumon

to where are gosl is said Matt

Jijimon's house said Agumon

bingo said Matt but at this rate the way this wind is blowing it might take us longer

but then a giant tree branch was thrown towords Matt,Will and Ray but Agumon got in the way a shoued out dino blaster and a small fire ballwas shoot out his mouth and the ranch went into flame and burned the branch to nothing

good work Agumon said Will

that was good Agumon said Veemon (when will it be mine time to shine)

Agumon won't protect you full long said Ogremon

Ogremon champion level virus attribute spical attack clube of despair

this is my territory said Ogremon get out

please Orgermon just let us pass said Agumon

ye we just want to see Jijimon said Dorumon

no my land get out said Ogermon clube of despair

and Ogermon swung his clube towords Will but Agumon took his place

no Agumon said Will

i'l be OK Will i will fight till the end as your partner i must protect you said Agumon

then Will looked at Ogermon

now Ogermon let me and Agumon have a turn said Will

and Agumon got back up

i'm ready Will said Agumon

OK said Will

do it will just two words said Matt and Dorumon

DESTINY CHARGE GO said Will pointing his digivce towords Agumon and as he did it a red symbol appered in the sky

Agumon digivole to GeoGreymon

GeoGreymon champion level vaccine attribute spical attack Geo Flame

now Ogermon take this said GeoGreymon Geo Flame

and a giant ball of fire and rock was sent towords Ogermon

no said Ogermon as he was devoured in a ball of rock and fire

and Ogermon turned back into a digiegg

well done Will and GeoGreymon said Matt

but as they continued there journy at the edge of a cliff and saw a lake and a help sign and Matt,Will and Ray looked at each other and they knew that was Rich down there

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