digimon D-destiny

chapter 6 King Rich lord of the lake

well here it is said Will there's the help sign

let's go to that village said Ray finding Rich there will be our best choice

then let's go said Dorumon

but as Matt and co walk into the village


Gomamon digivole to Coelamon

Coelamon champion level data attribute special attack ancient tsunami

now Coelamon said Rich take out Tylomon

Tylomon armor level vaccine attribute special attack shark-feast

ancient tsunami said Coelamon

and a giant ball of wall gaverd infront of coelamon and then unleased it at Tylomon but Tylomon smacked it a small house

get out of my kingdom said Rich

kingdom said Matt,Will,Ray,Dorumon,Agumon and Veemon

be ready Rich because i will be back tonight

then Tylomon dived under the water

then Rich turned round and to his surprize

Matt,will and Ray what are you doing here said Rich

looking for you said Will

come come on said Rich lets go to my house and take over dinner

later that night

so any way after me and Gomamon got find of there former king they crowned me king said Rich

Rich said Gomamon while i was out Tylomon body washed up on shore and turned into a digiegg and there was a note as well

Gomamon handed Rich the note

Rich read the note outloud to Matt and the other

The Millennium Empirea is coming to capture you village be ready with your money and food

what are we going to do said Gomamon

I'l tell you what we do said a voice at the door

and Amy and Dracomon were standing at the door

we fight said Dracomon

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