digimon D-Destiny

chapter 7 Halsemon army of love

now listen said Amy The Millennium Empirea is sending fifty Sethmons

how can you tell said Rich

i saw them when Dracomon was Wingdramon said Amy plus do you remeber Rinkmon

yes said Matt

well he's leading Halsemon army of love said Dracomon

did you say army of love said Veemon

yes said Amy Halsemon digivoles from Hawkmon with the Digi-Egg of love

now get some rest said Dracomon inorder to fight you will need your energy

fine said Rich Gomamon go tell the villagers to go to the evauation cave for protection

OK Rich said Gomamon

later that night

Duke said a voice

yes Alice said Duke

is everything ready said Alice and where is Samantha

yes all is well said Duke but for Samantha i don't know

are you looking for me said Samantha

well not any more said Duke

hus Duke said Alice where were you Samantha

nowere Alice but to i get my revence on my litte ariest sister said Samantha

yes you do said Alice

later in the morning

Duke is the trap ready for the army said Alice

yes now we wait said Duke

in the village

is all ready said Amy

yes all the villgers have be Gomamon

then we wait said Dracomon

then Halsemon army of love entered the village

now it's digivoling time said Amy

DESTINY CAHRGE said Matt,Will and Rich

Dorumon digivole to Dorugamon

Agumon digivole to GeoGreymon

Gomamon digivole to Coelamon


Draco warp digivole to Wingdramon

let's fight said Wingdramon

but then all of a sudden Halsemon army of love disapeaired

Where's my army said Rinkmon

i can answer that said a voice hello my little ariest

Samantha said Amy

did you like the DDCC said Samantha

what said Matt

the Dooms Day Critcal Cannon said Samantha

lets get her said Rich

no said Amy she's mine

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