digimon D-Destiny

chapter 8 family quarrels

what's going on said Matt

i'l tell you said Samantha

it's nothing said Amy

oh no poor litte airest does't like the tue said Samantha

what is she on a about Amy said Matt

she's my older half-sister said Amy

that's fight now time for my revenge said Samantha go Vi-Elecmon

yes miss said Vi-Elecmon

come to thinkn of it weres Rinkmon gone said Agumon

who care's said Vi-Elecmon now Amy eat dark voltage

Vi-Elecmon body started go glow with black electricity and then sented it towords Amy

none shal hurt Amy said Wingdramon as he blocked the attack

you pesty dragon now Vi-Elecmon time to digivole said Samantha

yes miss said Vi-Elecmon

DOOMS CHARGE said Samantha

Vi-Elecmon digivole to Dobermon

Dobermon champion level virus attribute special attack dark howling

now Wingdramon say your regrets said Dobermon

never said Wingdramon

finish them said both Amy and Samantha

typhoon,dramon said Wingdramon

dark howling said Dobermon

and a giant black ball of wind shaped like a wolf was sent towords Wingramon's typhoon,dramon, and both the attack had colided

do you think that will stop me said Dobermon

why do you want more said Amy and Wingdramon in perfect harmony

miss may you let me digivole to the next level said Dobermon

yes Dobermon said Samantha


Dobermon digivole to Cerberumon

Cerberumon ultimate level virus attribute special attack howling-hell

come out said Matt and co you can win Amy

thanks Matt said Amy let's do this Wingdramon

go attack Cerberumon said Samantha

but before Cerberumon a voice appered from behind Samantha

Samantha said the voice Alice saids to go back to camp

fine Lucas im coming said Samantha Cerberumon retreat

yes miss said Cerberumon

and with-in a blink of an eye they where gone

great work said Rich

it's not over said Amy

what do you mean said Ray

she won't stop untill i'm dead said Amy

then we keep on fighting said Matt you will have to beat her before she's kills you

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