digimon D-Destiny

chapter 9 The Brake Out

the night before Matt and the ofers found Rich

let's us out Rinkmon said Ellen i have right

what rights said Rinkmon like finding your brother

yes said Ellen

that's it Ellen im busting us out of here said Impmon

Dark-imp-pluse said Impmon

and Impmon let losse a giant ball made of shadows at the cells bars

don't bother said Rinkmon

and Impmon attack hit the bars and was sent back at him

Impmon are you Ok said Ellen

well it was fun you two see-ya said Rinkmon

and Rinkmon dissapered

what do you meen said Ellen

it's impossible to get out of here said Impmon lets just give up Ellen

Ellen grabed Impmon by his scafe

like my brother says Impmon don't give out no-matter what you chanes are said Ellen

and Ellen droped Impmon back on-to the floor

wait Impmon iv'e got a plan said Ellen

what is it then Ellen said Impmon

well said Ellen

the same day when Amy and Samantha digimon fight (five hours later)

Ellen said Rinkmon

what said Ellen

lord Halsemon told me to give you this said Rinkmon

and Rinkmon throught a jug of filfy water into Ellens cell

now shouted Ellen

Impmon went to the cell's door and punched Rinkmon in the face

what the said Rinkmon

and as Impmon did it Rinkmon's master keys was sent into the air

got em said Ellen

Ellen and Impmon ulocked the door

that's it said Rinkmon lightning blade

and Impmon was sent into the air

no said Ellen Impmon time for a power boost


Impmon digivole to DarkLizardmon

DarkLizardmon champion level virus attribute special attack negative flame

may i take him out Ellen said DarkLizardmon

go a head said Ellen

negative flame said DarkLizardmon

and DarkLizardmon let a black fire from his mouth

no cried Rinkmon

and Rinkmon was turned back into and egg

yes we did it said DarkLizardmon

no you did't said a voice

who's that said Ellen

i'm lord Halsemon ruler of the jungle said Halsemon Rinkmon you have failed me for the last time

and Halsemon went up to his egg a said avenging blade and sliced the egg into two and in witch distroyed the egg

you monster said Ellen

thank you new prepair to take my warth Halsemon

Halsemon armor level data attribute special attack avenging storm

let's go DarkLizardmon said Ellen

ye let's go said DarkLizardmon

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