Level Ultimate
Type Mechanical Reptile
Attribute Vaccine
Family Unknown
Prior forms Dynosmon
Next forms ShineDynosmon

RapidDynosmon is the evolution for Dynosmon. His horn is thinner, has two small spikes on either side instead of one large spike, hair replacing the black-tipped spike, no stripes, wings, and a large laser blaster as his left arm, called the "Eon Cannon".


  • Eon Energy Beam: Shoots blue energy beams from his Eon Cannon.
  • Eon Flames: Fires blue flames from his Eon Cannon.
  • Eon Claw: A strong blue flame engulfs his right hand, he scratches his foes, and shoots 3 blue energy beams from his Eon Cannon.

Also see: Agumon iX (X-Ark)

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