Margaret walked down a dirt path that lead to The Forest of Codes. It was a place for digimon where they would relax. But Margaret was walking there for a different reason, her brothers and sisters were being held captive by Omnimon X. The X-Virus form of Omnimon. As her partner Agumon strolled beside her he had Pride's Fire in his eyes. Only that could be in a fierce and determined digimon. As Margaret stopped, Agumon kept going.

Margaret said,Agumon stop!!

What is it?Agumon stopped and ran back to Margaret.

She took out her digivice and smiled. Agumon nodded his head. They Both blurted out: Digivolve! Agumon immediately digivolved into Omnimon. Margaret got on Omnimons back and they flew into the starry sky over The Forest of Codes. Margaret looked at the coded moon of the digital world. But then Omnimon spotted Omnimon-X. He flew down and landed in front of her siblings.

Omnimon-X said very sarcastically,The girl is a small price to pay for five, but I'll be glad to take her.

Omnimon put Margaret down and told his virus,Over my code will I give her to you!

Omnimon-X smiled,That can be arranged!

They both popped out their swords and clashed in combat. Margaret helped her siblings out of the rope they were tied in. The other digimon digivolved into the royal knights. But before they could help Omnimon their viral twins jumped out of the trees.

Magnamon-X said to his twin,It seems that you have big mouths Royal Knights. Can You protect yourselves as you do these Dactals!?

All of them battled their other selves. Then a fire broke out from attacks. Digimon started running out of the forest. Margaret saw a code lift from the ground. Her siblings watched the code lift from the ground.

This code its mine. Omnimon-X lifted his sword and took in the code of the forest.Now we must go.

And like they came they left in a transport. The siblings were once standing in a forest. Now they are standing in a white area filled with nothing.

Omnimon stood on one knee in front of Margaret and said,I'm sorry your highness I couldn't save it in time.

Margaret put her hand on his shoulder and replied,It's alright Omnimon, we'll get the code back. And destroy your counterparts.

Omnimon stated,I know, but I thought I could stop them before the code emerged.

The Knights reverted back into rookies and they all left for the castle.

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