Rei Wolfe
Digivice(s):Yellow and blue Data Link Digivice with black ring and red screen
White and Blue Digivice Burst with red screen
Trait(s):At First / Three years later
Courage / Courage, Friendship, and Kindness
Age 13 / 16-17
Grade 8th / 11th
Gender male
Known relatives Kate Rose (Cousin)
Sara Ker (Mother)
Ray Wolfe (Father)
Zephyr Wolfe (Younger Brother)
Yukino "Yuki" Wolfe (Younger Sister)
Unnamed "Evil" Stepmother
Kevin Rose (Uncle)
Unnamed Aunt
Lindsey Rose (Cousin)
Nationality Japanese and American
Occupation Student
DATS Officer (Former)


Rei is a reckless but he's there when his friends need help.


Meeting his Digimon

It was an ordinarily Rei was sitting in an empty class room serving detention About three the teacher stepped out for a while, and a couple of minutes later the teacher's laptop started making a weird sound so Rei went to check it out. The computer screen had only static. After a while, two object came flying out of the computer. One of the objects was Data Link Digivice that was yellow and blue with a black ring and a red screen. The other object was a Digi-egg. A moment later, the teacher came back into the room to dismiss Rei and he left. Just as Rei got to the apartment, that he lives in by himself, the digi-egg hatched into the digimon Punimon. After a few days Rei got use to living with the digimon, until his cousin Kate Rose went to take Punimon away from him and to send it to the Digital World. Immediately after that Rei's digivice stated glowing and Punimon digivolved to Tsunomon and requested to stay and protect Rei. After a minute the commander of DATS allowed Tsunomon to stay with Rei.

First battle

About three days later Tsunomon digivolved to Gabumon. That same day Rei saw a little girl running from three digimon all named DemiDevimon. The girl kept running until she tripped over a Demi dart that barely missed her. Just as the three DemiDevimon were about to attack Gabumon ran up to the girl to protect her. The three digimon just started attacking Gabumon. As Rei went to go help He realized that his hand was glowing. At that time Rei remembers Kate Striking her digivice with the glow on her hand, and so he struck the top of his digivice with a DNA Charge. Then Gabumon Digivolved to Garurumon and took on the three digimon and tuned all three of them into digi-eggs. Kate drove up and, expecting to fight, had lalamon out. She soon saw that Rei and Gabumon was waiting for her with all three digi-eggs in their hands. So, Kate took the digi-eggs, Rie and Gabumon took the girl back home, then headed home to rest for a while.

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