Level Mega (Spirit)
Type Spirit
Attribute Data
Prior forms Anyone + Spirit of Power
Next forms HeavyWeapReigimon
Partners Thurkmon


Luke first got the Spirit of Power when fighting BlackGatomon who then Warp Digivolved to AntiMagnadramon and had to try and attack her, which showed his strength and he got the Spirit of Power and he Spirit Digivolved into Reigimon.

Reigimon looks slightly like Beelzemon Blast mode, with one regular arm and another with a cannon, thios cannon can change into any mechanism like a Machine Gun or a Drill. When against the leader of the Dark Forces, SataDevimon, Luke found the Spirit of Bullets and Spirit Digivolved into HeavyWeapReigimon.

Reigimon is absent from Digimon Leader Team because Luke gained the Spirit of Bullets and could turn into HeavyWeapReigimon.


  • Cannon Blaster; Changes his other arm to a cannon and fires a laser of energy.
  • Hyper Bullet Blast (Jap: Machine Gun); Changes his other arm to a machine gun turret and shoots the foe with many bullets at high speed.
  • Motor Change; Changes his arm.