RelicGreymon 1

RelicGreymon 2

Level Mega
Prior forms ArchaicGreymon
Any Greymon-species + Dramon Destroyer Sword
Next forms KaiserHakuGreymon
*(w/ RaHakumon)
Partners Matthew

RelicGreymon is the first Mega form of PrimitiveAgumon. He bears a strong resemblance to WarGreymon with a few differences. He has two large orange wings on his back that enable flight. In his left hand, he wields the mighty relic known as the Dramon Destroyer Sword, an ancient sword crafted by Vulcanusmon and designed as the prototype for WarGreymon's own Dramon Destroyers. It is made of Chrome Digizoid and has Dramon Destroyers attached at the end. Any member of the Greymon-species may wield this sword and will digivolve into RelicGreymon shortly after picking it up, but in the hands of any other digimon, it will do nothing. In RelicGreymon's right hand is the Determined Shield, shaped in the outline of the Crest of Determination. RelicGreymon can change the Dramon Destroyer Sword and Determined Shield into a blue version of the Dramon Destroyers at will.

First Appearance

Volatilemon, after a recent trip to the Real World, had collected massive ammounts of data from the Internet and used it to digivolve himself and his viral clones. Now as Infinimon, he led the Mega level clones into battle against the Digidestineds and the villagers. The villagers had only reached the Ultimate level at this point, causing them to be defeated repeatedly. As Matthew and Brittani searched for a way for their digimon and the villagers to reach their Mega levels, they found a Digi-Egg that eventually hatched into three Fresh level triplet digimon. These digimon revealed themselves as Mitsugomon and followed the DigiDestineds wherever they went. When Infinimon met the villagers in battle again, the three Mistugomon warp DNA digivolved into OmniMitsugomon and fought Infinimon while the villagers battled their viral clones. OmniMitsugomon was winning against Infinimon, but he saw the villagers had all been forced back to their Rookie stages. He gave up as much of his data as he could to Matthew's and Brittani's D-3s, causing PrimitiveAgumon, Haku, and all the villagers to warp digivolve to Mega and win the battle. Infinimon ordered the clones to retreat and the villagers began to look for OmniMitsugomon. His Digi-Egg was found and hatched much later.

RelicGreymon is PrimitiveAgumon's preferred fighting form and remains so until Matthew's Crest of Determination is disabled. When the Crest is reactivated, PrimitiveAgumon prefers to fight in this form opposed to his other Mega level


Dramon Destroyer Slash- swings the Dramon Destroyer Sword at the opponent, causing extreme damage if the opponent is a Dramon-type

Terra Sword- same as WarGreymon's Terra Force, but this attack comes from the Dramon Destroyer Sword

Determined Shield- sends a blast of pure energy from the Determined Shield to the opponent