Renamon in Real life

renamon in real life would look like a Swift Fox Hybrid weighing in around somewhere in between 110-95Ibs she would be at the height of a Average Human except that she only be a few inches taller. Her Arms will remain the same and yes she has paws but the nails won't be like Protruding out of the paws so they can be concealed for some other purpose. In reality the real renamon wouldn't speak english but speak like an Average animale instead of a human being though that Doesn't take away her Intellect entirely to be smart as a human. Renamon in the Real world won't have boobs because she's a swift fox not a Human and the Mane would be large enough to cover parts of her neck not her chest or back. The Gloves however are a trademark of renamon which in an Opinion could'ev been crafted by her or passed down to her from generation to generation mostly she must have came from a long bloodline of Great fighters which that explains how renamon masters Judo or martial Arts still her fighting style is Unknown unless more intel is present in Digimon wiki.

Renamon t

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