Reptinomon is a fan made Digimon created by Scar34

Level: Champion

Evolves From: Fan:Scaledramon

Evolves To: Fan:Draciomon

Type: Vaccine

Reptinomon's powerful arms can lift up a truck. Unlike Scaledramon, Reptinomon is completly naked apart from its jeans, because it gave it's bandana and headband to Scaledramon. Reptinomon has poison tipped spined running down it's back and is green just like it's previous stages. It's claws may be shorter than Scaledramon's but Reptinomon's claws are tipped with a deadly venom it uses when opponents get to close. It is a cunning Digimon and is very smart. It has a long, tough tail it uses to help with speed as it's speed decreases when Scaledramon evolves into Reptinomon. It has venom tipped teeth it uses to bite opponents. It still has the invisibility power. It's eyes are red like Scaledramon's but Reptinomon's eyes are colder and scarier.


Venom Fang: Reptinomon bites opponent with it's venom tipped teeth.

Rusty Claws: Reptinomon slashes opponent.

Tail Slam Dunk: Reptinomon slams it's tail on opponents.

Reptino Roar: Shoots a stream of fire at foes.


1. Reptino is a crocodile monster in starian mytholygy.

2. Reptinomon's original name was Crocodilimon.

3. Reptinomon is it's Digi-Core's shadow, but it can still attack.

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