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Resolution Evolution Act 2
Episode Location Resolution Evolution Act 2[1]
Airdate (En:) July 9th, 2013
Written by Bowser-The-King/Shiramu-Kuromu[2]

Kuwagamon spies on Taro and Solomon, while he lets his partner Tyrannomon take over to attempt to destroy them both, but when Taro gets a hold of the Digivice after Tyrannomon drops it by accident, things begin to get more hectic as Solomon digivolves again and is ready to battle...


Kuwagamon, as seen from the last Act, is seen spying on Taro and Solomon. He questions his orders by Eaglemon as to why he can't go directly in to destroy them, but his partner in crime, Tyrannomon, confronts him regarding the Digivice they stole in-order to follow Solomon into the real world. Thinking Tyrannomon is so sure of himself that he'll beat Solomon, he tosses him the Digivice as he makes his leave, while Tyrannomon hopes Eaglemon punishes him somehow. Back in Taro's apartment, Taro is drinking from a bottle of Mountain Dew while he and Solomon talk as to how they'll get the latter to digivolve into Agumon. After a brief argument, and scarfing down a steak, Solomon digivolves into Agumon and ends up fighting with Taro over the bottle of Mountain Dew. This gives Tyrannomon the perfect chance to take them both by surprise, as Tyrannomon destroys the apartment building by using Tyrant Bomb, only for both to survive the attack and Solomon to counter with Spit Fire Blast, causing Tyrannomon to drop the Digivice due to both that and the fact he could barely hold onto it to begin with, as Taro picks it up and wonders how he digivolves Solomon into Greymon, the latter just telling him to mess around with it until something works since he doesn't know how to work it. As Solomon bites Tyrannomon on the tail, Tyrannomon tosses Solomon aside just as Taro figures out how to digivolve Solomon, and Act 2 ends with Solomon digivolving into Greymon as the real fight between him and Tyrannomon is about to begin.....

Digimon Analyzer

Kuwagamon (DC) Champion
Special Move
Scissors Claw
Kuwagamon: "I don't even understand why I can't just simply go in for the kill right away."
Tyrannomon (DC) Champion
Special Move
Tyrant Bomb
Tyrannomon: "Leaving me to do the hard work while he escapes home free..."
Solomon Agumon Rookie
Special Move
Pepper Blast
Solomon: "So I don't have hands eh?!?! WELL NOW I DO!!!"
Solomon Greymon Champion
Special Move
Nova Flame
Solomon: "Now then, let me show you how it's done!"


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Koromon 1 Agumon Greymon
Solomon Koromon Arrow R.png Solomon Agumon Arrow R.png Solomon Greymon

Featured characters

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Humans In-Training Rookie Champion


  • This Chapter reveals the Prototype Digivice, which is frequently named as "The Digivice", due to Digivices being unique at the time of events in the storyline, as while five others exist, this one in particular is the most important.
  • While explained on the Digivice page for Digimon Classic that Digivolution needs DigiSoul obtained to Digivolve, digivolution from Fresh to In-Training to Rookie has no actual requirements.
  • Kuwagamon was originally intended to be by himself, but Tyrannomon was added at the last minute of planning to add more of a challenge to the protagonists.
  • This is the first page in which a Digimon bleeds from a physical attack, in this case Tyrannomon bleeding when Solomon bites his tail. Digimon will bleed in future Acts as well, even in the Digital World.