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Resolution Evolution Act 4
Episode Location Resolution Evolution Act 4[1]
Airdate (En:) July 9th, 2013
Written by Bowser-The-King/Shiramu-Kuromu[2]

Solomon and MasterTyrannomon are evenly matched, as the government falls right into Eaglemon's trap. Solomon degenerates as the real world is quickly being destroyed around him, as he and Taro make their escape into the Digital World, with Eaglemon leaving MasterTyrannomon and Okuwamon for the dead as he gleefully takes pride in his biggest accomplishment ever since his creation... (Chapter Finale)


Solomon and MasterTyrannomon continue their fight as Solomon remarks how they're both evenly matched, as MasterTyrannomon asks why Solomon betrayed Eaglemon, due to the fact when Solomon still worked for Eaglemon, the two were practically brothers when working together. Meanwhile, Okuwamon causes a rampage in a Military Base as it simply waits for when the government will attempt to de-activate the Digital World, as Eaglemon also listens and waits til the impending doomsday. Back to Solomon and MasterTyrannomon, Solomon attempts to explain how Eaglemon is only using both him and Okuwamon, as before they know it a massive vortex erupts from the ground and quickly expands as they see it from the distance, the sheer force of it causing Solomon to degenerate to Koromon, while Taro puts on his goggles to shield his eyes, as Solomon asks them to get them to the Digital World as both he and Taro escape to the Digital World, but while they have the chance, MasterTyrannomon refuses to follow as he and Okuwamon await their destruction, as both of them, and the entire planet, are vaporized in a powerful light. Eaglemon, watching as the Sphere which allows it to observe Earth turns black, signalling to him that the planet is long gone, gleefully enjoys the moment as he wonders how exactly Taro and Solomon will attempt to try and survive in now that both of them are in the Digital World in which he rules, eagerly awaiting whatever events will happen next...

Digimon Analyzer

Eaglemon Digimon Classic Mega
Giant Bird
Special Move
Mystic Break
Eaglemon: "Til we confront again, my ill-fated sibling..."


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MetalGreymon (Virus) 1 Koromon
Solomon MetalGreymon Arrow RR Red.png Solomon Koromon

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  • The Eaglemon in this Act is also a hologram, due to his design not being finalized yet.
  • Okuwamon, when he was the only Digimon sent to the real world, was intended to Digivolve into Kimeramon instead of Okuwamon.
  • The Real World will stay destroyed for the remainder of the comic series, but a new world to replace it WILL be created at some point as part of Eaglemon's plans.
  • More plot focusing on Taro and Solomon's reactions to the Real World being destroyed and a conversation between the two were planned, but instead saved for the next Chapter instead.