Return home battle for the Digital World is the 28th episode of Super Digimon Xros Wars.


Ian then starts rushing, Patamon asks what's with the hurry. Ian then tosses his X Loader and Patamon to his sister then Patamon recalls something from their 1st day in the Digital World (the 2nd episode Flamemon Knight fight back) Ian manages to get to the dock and met up with Jeri, and just hang out with her. About half an hour later Ian and Maria return home. Back at their house they tell there parents about their adventure Taiki then says Omnimon must have sent Ian there to respond asks who Omnimon is. Taiki tells him that Omnimon was the Digimon who sent him, Akari, Zenjirou, Kihira and Nene into the Digital World originally. Dorulumon then pops out of the X Loader and says hi to Taiki, Akari then asks where's Cutemon and Taiki then asks where's Shoutmon. Dorulumon tells them he has no idea. Then Ian puts Dorulumon back in the X Loader. Meanwhile at the same time CeCe was telling her mom about the adventure then she shows her Poromon. The next day Ian tells his army that their mission is to find the 4th kid and save the Digital World.

Featured characters

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Humans In-Training Rookie Ultimate Mega Armor Xros


  • This is so far the only episode where Flamemon dose not appear in (Well save the flashback).
  • Fans told the creator that, DarkKnightmon gave Yuu the Black/Lavender X Loader and later gave it to Nene, and Bagramon gave Kirhia the Blue X Loader. The creator said he did not know that at first and it was a flub on his part.