The Fayunamons are the first Fox type digimon to colonize all of the digital world, By 1786 in the digital world the 16th fayunamon colonies were being ravaged by a Viral disease that changed every piece of antaomy of the colony. 100 years has passed in the digital world the reunamons lived on a mountain range, the laws were strict and civilans were raised as strong, sleek killing machines. but the Fayunamons want nothing but physical passion with each other or the reunamons, War started in 1975 near the Crystal gorge in fayunamon territory. Ra-Ra nada is a combat veteran of the two wars [she's also the pscyhopath that almost killed renamon during her 12th birthday], Renamon killed her mother after learning Diamound Storm during the end of the second fayunamon wars. renamon found Rika on 2005, june 12th but still she refuses to tell her past or her secret Civilazation.

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