Level Champion
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Data
Prior forms Sauromon
Next forms WarRexxmon

Rexxmon is no coward. Though he often expresses extreme naivete in battle, he makes up for it with sheer strength. He enjoys physical combat but isn't afraid to lead his enemies into a fiery death. Rexxmon is a very large tyrannosaur-like digimon. Rexxmon's skin is all green with a dark grey armor running along its back. He has three horns, two on the back of his head an one on his snout, all of which point backwards.

Digimon: Odyssey

The go to fighter for the DigiDestined, Rexxmon will not hesitate to through himself into a battle in order to protect the DigiDestined. His arch-nemesis throughout the series was Greymon and the two were almost evenly matched. Their feud continued into their ultimate forms. Rexxmon was a common form for Sauromon until he was able to digivovle into his ultimate form.


Saurian Blaster: Shoots a fiery green blast from its mouth