Rick Lockings
(Lockings Rikk)
Appears in:Fan:Digimon X
First appearance I call on, digimon [01]
Age 12,38 (future)
Date of birth April 1st
Grade 6th
Gender male
Known relatives Mom,Dad, one older brother(Gary) and Fan:Sam Lockings (daughter)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student,Actor (future)

Rick is the partner of Agumon. Rick is at first suprised that digimon are real because he never guessed that he would be the partner of his favorite digimon Agumon and on the same day he would get the role of Romeo in the school play and that Julie (He describes her as "the prettiest girl in school") would be Juliet. He is also the target of his older brother, Gary who doesn't believe that Agumon is real until Agumon tries to attack him for giving Rick a noggy then when Gary tried to tell their mom and a GeoGreymon attacked, Rick had Agumon X save him by X digivolving into Greymon X.

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