(??? Beginidramon)
Level Fresh
Type Mini Demon
Attribute Free
Family Tyrannical Forces
Next forms Spindramon
Partners Duo

Ridramon is savage by all means for a Fresh Digimon, which normally don't have any personalities until they digivolve into In-Training. Ridramon is rarely trained by Tamers as it is extremely tough to raise all the way to Mega.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

It is found in a secret portion of Dragoramon's domain near the end of the main storyline, and due to such, would often go unnoticed throughout the whole game, as this was the only place to obtain any Digimon from the line in the entire game. Not only that, but Ridramon rarely spawns as well, making gathering scan data difficult. Ridramon's entire line up until Mega is designed to have a much slower Level-up rate than other Digimon, leveling up as slow as the Legendary Digimon do, but even slower than them. It is considered a parallel to the Pokemon Bagon, for it's secret spawn location, and to the Pokemon Deino, for it's line's coloration and difficulty to train before the end of the main storyline. It digivolves into Spindramon at Level 55 with 100 Dark Exp, making it the highest digivolving requirement for any Fresh stage Digimon.

Digimon: Bursting Cries

Duo choses to beat up a Theridramon to convert it into her partner rather than pick from Chowmon, Minmon, or Jamon as her starting Digimon, calling them too cutesy for her. Much to her disappointment, however, Ridramon was also along the lines of cutesy. This initial reaction caused Riz to be disobedient at various points in the storyline.