Rika learned about her powers when Max Takiyama was revived by Seraphimon. Soon after their battle against DaemonCentaurmon, Max told Rika about what Seraphimon told him, it made Rika understand why a letter sent to Max telling him to go to the Higurashi Shrine mentioned her going there was well to learn about her ancestor, was found a while back. As a Tamer Rika is serious when it comes to being a Tamer, her closest friend has to be Renamon, considering the fact that Renamon is partner.


Sacred Arrows

She can fire Sacred Arrows with a bow and arrow.

To Help Others

She was needed to fully unlock Max's ability to Biomerge to Quartz. Rika gained these powers by being a descendant of her ancestor, Rune Nonaka.


  • Henry Wong - Rika and Henry had a mutual friendship and eventually became teammates of Takato as well.
  • Jeri Katou - Rika showed a friendship towards Jeri by helping her become a better Tamer. Rika also seemed like an older sister to her.
  • Ryo Akiyama - Ryo tries to get Rika to like him, however, she doesn't seem to have feelings towards him.
  • Max Takiyama - In Chapter 11 of Introducing New Friends, it was shown that Rika had some feelings towards Max. Signs of these feelings sometimes appear in the story as it goes on.


Rika learned how to use a bow and arrow by Kagome Higurashi, and was able to learn how to use it quickly.

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