Partners Fan:Will

Rikermon is the digimon partner of Fan:Will. Rikermon is like his partner,laid-back and cool but he always has a touch of friendship in his eyes. He always acts like his partner Will because he thinks that`s what Will wants him to act like. Rikermon is extremely loyal unlike Fan:Flame`omon Knight who fight whoever he sees without Fan:Zack Z-Man.


  • Beast Claw: He summons the power of the beast and scratches the enemy.
  • Power Orb: He creates a orb of blue flames in his mouth then shoots it the enemy.

Other Forms

The name Rikermon refers to only the Rookie Form of this digimon. However, the rookie form remains as the most common and preferred form, due to the amount of energy required to stay in a higher form


Flegamon is the fresh form of Rikermon. He is a small furry ball that you can bounce his only attack is Fur Spray.


  • Fur Spray: He sprays his sharp and pointy fur at the enemy.


Eramon is the in-training form of Rikermon. He is a little bigger furry ball with feet. You can also bounce this guy around too. His strongest attack is Bound Bounce.


  • Bound Bounce: He bounces on the opponent really hard.
  • Sharp Tackle: He makes his fur sharp to a point then he tackles the enemy.


Nikomon is the champion form of Rikermon. He is a big wolf that looks a lot like the wolf that was in Will`s storybook. His strongest attack is Orbit Orb.


  • Orbit Orb: He uses power from space that is in his mouth,turns it into a orb then shoots it at the enemy.
  • Space Claw: He takes some power from space,puts it in his claws and slashes the enemy.
  • Triple Threat: He uses 3x the power of space he normally uses around his body and clobers the enemy.


Winkmon is a more gigantic wolf and looks more like another wolf in the storybook Will [as a kid] was reading once. His strongest attack is Sun Flare. He is the Ultimate form of Rikermon.


  • Sun Flare: He uses the power of the sun and unleashes it in a big stream of energy at the opponent.
  • Moon Dust: He shoots powerful moon dust energy at the enemy.
  • Mars Drill: He creates a drill made out of Mars rock and shoots it at the enemy.
  • Jupiter Whip: He creates a whip made out of Jupiter stone and whips the enemy with it.


Raptormon is Rikermon`s Mega level form. He looks exactly like the the wolf in the storybook Will was reading when he was a little kid. His strongest attack is All Space .


  • Space Kick: He calls the space power into his leg and foot and kicks the enemy.
  • Solar bang: His body gets solar energy around it and he tackles the enemy.
  • All Space: He hammers the enemy with space.