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Riku Koyama
Appears In: Digimon Academy
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Family: Zoey Misaki

Riku Koyama is Zoey's cousin.


Riku has messy bluish black hair and hazel eyes. He has slightly tan skin. He wears a white short sleeves shirt, black vest, brown trousers, a watch on his left wrist, a belt that has his digivice hanging on to the side hidden under his shirt, and a pair of sneakers. He is athletic build.



Falcomon (2006 anime) t Falcomon is Riku's partner digimon.

Other Forms

Puwamon t


Puwamon- Falcomon's fresh form. He becomes this form after losing to Zoey and Gaogamon and Coredramon (Blue).

Pinamon b


Pinamon- Though not yet shown it is confirmed to be Falcomon's In-Training form.

Peckmon t

Peckmon - Falcomon's champion form. Falcomon became this form in the fight with Zoey and her three digimon.


Purple and light gray Digivice Burst.

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