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Rina is the heart of the Warlord DigiDestined. She is the daughter of Massimo Yamada and Jewel Yamada, and has two siblings, Irwin and Roxanne Yamada. Rina was at summer camp when she was taken to the Digital World, where she met her Digimon, Ryudamon. Rina's role-model is her older sister Roxanne, who treats her like dirt. Rina is happy, crafty and lazy. Rina is best friends with Demitra Ikeda and has a crush on Emory Yoshida, though she acts like she doesn't like him. Rina owns the Crest of Kindness. Rina wants to become a fashion designer like Roxanne, and constantly tries to please her. At the end of the series, Roxanne finally says she's proud of Rina.

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