Rinkmon XXX, Short for Rinkmon X-Antibody Cross 10.

Rinkmon XXX
Level Super Ultimate
Type Composition
Attribute Variable
Family Virus Busters
Deep Savers
Nature Spirits
Metal Empire
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Rinkmon + Whamon + Reptiledramon + Triceramon X + MachGaogamon + Crowmon + Drimogemon + MetallifeKuwagamon + Vikaralamon + Wizardmon
Partners Christian Drake

Rinkmon XXX (Rinkmon X-Antibody Cross 10) is the DigiXros of Rinkmon and 9 other Digimon selected for their traits of being the best or among the best in a category. Rinkmon for speed, Whamon for massive size and the ability to swim and dive deep into the Net Ocean, Drimogemon for its drill, Reptiledramon and Triceramon X both for their armor and X Antibody, MetallifeKuwagamon for its gun hands, Drimogemon for its superior digging ability, Crowmon and MachGaogamon for flight capability, Vikaralamon for the 宝輪 (Bǎo Lún lit. "Treasure Wheel?) (mostly for the ability to heal), and the wisdom of Wizardmon to provide battle experience. Rinkmon has Triceramon X's face and boney frill as chest armor like Imperialdramon has in both Fighter Mode and Paladin Mode. The horns are able to fire a greatly enhanced version of Triceramon X's Golden Tri Horns attack: Triangle Extacy. Thanks to Whamon, Rinkmon XXX is large enough that it is able to mount Crowmon's wings and Dokkosho on its back. MachGaogamon's thrusters are attatached to the back below Crowmon's wings, and MachGaogamon's guantlets with MetallifeKuwagamon's fingers become Rinkmon XXX's hands.

  • Triangle Extacy: Fires a triangle beam of gamma radiation from the points on the chest piece composed by Triceramon X and Drimogemon.
  • Hyperspace Dash: Charges the opponent at speed capable of creating a wormhole in the space-time continuum, where it attempts to leave the enemy. Also can be used to go from one place to another instantly.
  • Friction Incineration: Exposes the enemy to so much friction that they are reduced to ashes.
  • Emerald Vortex Genesis: Conjures green Bǎo Lún big enough for Whamon to pass through. With Rinkmon XXX's speed and the scale of the Bǎo Lún most of the Digital World can be healed in less time than it takes to sing "Happy Birthday".