The mega form of MicroRavagemon.GreatRavagemon beleives in righteousness..It looks like a WarRavagemon with a horn and stands upright.

GreatRavagemon X

WarRavagemon X's mega form,it has the Antibody gem inbidded in it's horn.The rest is like GreatRavagemon.
  • Digivolves from:WarRavagemon X
  • Type:Dinosaur/Reptile Digimon
  • Attribute:Vaccine
  • Attacks
  • Metalic Rage:Turns fully into it's "metal form" and strikes it's target(s)
  • Horn Bust:Strikes opponent with horn
  • Beserker Fury:Strikes with the strength of a Beserker


BlackWarRavagemon's mega level.It is GreatRavagemon's black form.

  • attribute:virus
  • type:Dinosaur/Reptile Digimon
  • Attacks
  • Dark Blade:Strikes with tail,causing a lot of damage
  • Thunder Current:Strikes ground with electricity,causing all except itself to get electricuted if within 100x100 yards
  • Digivolves from:BlackWarRavagemon

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