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Talk0 Share is the champion level of Mannamon.It is a huge upgrade for Mannamon and is much more powerful.It's attacks,windclaw,savage bite and howling winds are good for it's level.

  • Digivolves from:Mannamon
  • Digivolves to:Ancientmon
  • Appears in:Rise of Warriormon
  • Type:Beast digimon
  • Attribute:Vaccine
  • Attacks
  • Howling Winds:The winds pick up and knock target back
  • Windclaw:A family finishing move.It's claws get surrounded with wind and smashes it's claws at it's target
  • Savage Bite:Bites target raidlly and shows little mercy
  • Editing thanks to:
  • User:Dragonheart001
  • Eryops3

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