File:11large microravagemon11.jpg
Level Rookie
Next forms Ravagemon
Partners Draco Mitsaki
MicroRavagemon fight like a beserker and are one of the most dangerous rookies.They are also extremely fast and it's difficult to keep up with them for most digimon.
  • Attacks
  • Beserk:Beserks,attacking rapidlly at it's target
  • Thunder Breath
  • Thunder Claw:Sparks surround his claws,then strikes at it's target,causing physical and electrical damage
  • Tamer:Draco Mitsaki
Microravagemon come in so many personalities you can barely count them.They vary from serious to goof balls in personalities!


MicroRavagemon X

MicroRavagemon X is obviouslly MicroRavagemon's Antibody form.The only difference is that MicroRavagemon X has the Antibody gem...and different attacks.
  • Level:Rookie
  • Digivolves to:Ravagemon X
  • Attacks
  • Thunder Throw:Grabs and throws rookie and below digimon,and in the middle of it,sends electricity into the victim
  • Thunder:Electrifies target and bounces to anything near it's target



Level Champion
Type Reptile Digimon
Attribute Virus
Next forms BlackRavagemon

BlackMicroRavagemon is the dark form of MicroRavagemon. It is even more savage than MicroRavagemon, and attacks anything it thinks it has a chance of defeating.Image from photobucket,a public website that everyone is aloud to use images on.


  • Savage Fury: Mercilessly attacks with it's claws at a super fast speed
  • Dark Thunder Breath
  • Trip: Trips the opponent.


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